Osaka, the new step in the race of cloud vendors for a global coverage?

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In 2017 the CTO of Amazon Web Services tweeted the future opening of a new local region in Osaka in 2018 and Google followed, announcing on February 7th 2018, through a blog post, the construction of a new DC in … guess where?….. Osaka too.

The race for spreading its geographic coverage seems to be launched between big cloud providers.  After Europe, Japan has become the new target.


Beyond the commercial interest to strengthen their worldwide presence toward their competitors, is hiding a real technical interest in having a second DC opened after Tokyo.

Cloud providers such as AWS, Google or Azure, if they want to remain competitive, performing and to satisfy the largest number of users, need to spread their infrastructures as much as possible.

Having regions created in every countries, ok, but what is the real interest in having 2 DCs in a country like Japan?

Latency and service disruption are one of the answers.

Around 500 kms are separating Tokyo and Osaka  and even if it looks like a small distance to a simple traveller it is a quite big one for data traffic.

Customers, today, are challenging all the time the availability and performance of the infrastructures hosting their applications. Having as much available DCs as possible, even in the same region, is a guarantee to avoid too much latency and services disruption and to ameliorate their data redundancy.

Above all performances subjects, tools such as CloudScreener’s Cloud Decision Engine are emerging, helping customers find their way through the jungle of cloud offers. It has become easier to compare prices, performances on defined locations.

A good thing because it forces providers to be more performing & transparent on their prices and solutions, a bad thing for environment and ecology? …. that’s another subject we will discuss later.


That race between main cloud providers has for sure started now and is not ready to be stopped. So what will be the next ones? Is Azure will follow the trend of Japan? Google is planning to open Finland….wondering if AWS will be the next…


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